Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your services at Fleets USA?

Fleets USA charges no fees for their services. You will never pay handling, transportation, detail or auction fees. Which means once we have agreed on a price that’s what you will receive?

How long the does your process take?

Because every day at Fleets USA is a sale day the entire process takes no longer then fifteen days but in most cases as little as seven.

If our vehicles are leased can we still use Fleets USA’s services?

Absolutely Fleets USA has an incredible amount of experience working with lease companies across the board.

How do we get paid?

Fleets USA will send payment in a variety of ways that work with your company guidelines ie; Fleets USA company check,cashiers check ,wire transfer or direct payment to your lease company

Do you buy vehicles that are not running or vehicles that have been wrecked?

Absolutely Fleets USA will pick up any vehicle regardless of condition or location.

Does Fleets USA de-identify our vehicles?

Immediately upon pick up vehicles are de-identified and pictures are taken and posted to our client portal where they are easily accessed 24/7

What other types of assets does Fleets USA Remarket?

Over the years Fleets USA has essentially assisted in the liquidation of all types of equipment including such assets as forklifts,snow cats, and many types of construction equipment.